ClearConsult acts on behalf of commercial banks to perform assessments of ICSD institutions, services, costs and pricing.

ClearConsult supports clients to reduce their costs and provides back office customer support.


  • Custody

  • Settlement

  • Connectivity SWIFT, VPN, Reporting

  • Euroclear/Clearstream pricing simulation 


  • For new ICSD customers contract pricing negotations

  • Existing ICSD customers contract review and renegociation

  • Euroclear and Clearstream visits on behalf of the customers


  • Assistance for business tranfer between ICSD's

  • Blockchain - Assistance of migration from ICSD to Cryptography

  • Back office optimization

  • Monitoring and training

  • Bills reconciliation

Statistical analyses

  • Profitability, Quarterly reporting, Bookkeeping

  • Microsoft Office business solutions and training

  • Alternative solutions to SAP