About us

Established since 2002 TrustConsult Group is among a few international and indpendent players specializing in the setup, management and administration of regulated and non-regulated companies for private or institutional clients.

TrustConsult is unique in that it combines proximity and independence for the benefit of its clients, while giving access to a strong international presence and local expertise in each jurisdiction.

TrustConsult Group is present in the following key jurisdiction : Luxembourg, Brussels, Geneva, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Istanbul and Mauritius.

In addiiton to our presence in these jurisdictions, TrustConsult Group is keen to propose the incorporation of companies, trusts, foundations and any other vehicle in any jurisdiction.

We incorporate and manage regulated and unregulated entities directly or via partners, on behalf of individuals and corporate entities in all jurisdictions that are of interest to our clients in terms of asset structuring, legal certainty, political stability, efficiency and reliability of the banking system.

Our values : independence, international, availability, humility and solution oriented.
Our mission : protect and develop the assets of our clients.